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Termite treatment uses a DRILL-FILL-SEAL technique that creates a chemical barrier to kills termites during their movement.
Holes are drilled at 45° angles above skirting tiles at precisely 1 Foot distance along walls, filled with TERMIN-8 solution & sealed with chalk & white cement.
It completely kills termites unlike regular pest control that just repels them.
Highly effective, hassle-free and a safe treatment used in all developed countries.
Protects infested woodwork with chemicals that will not just kill the existing termites, but also protect it from future termite infestation
Service Timeframe
1 Year contract includes 1 treatment and 1 check-up in the 4th month.
2 Year contract includes 1 treatment and 3 check-up in interval of 4th months.
1 Yearly Service gives round the year protection.
2 Yearly Service gives 2 year protection from Termites.
Additional 2 year warranty can be availed too on 1 year 2 Service contract.
BANZAI Termite Control service makes sure that in approximately 7-15 days termites disappear, unlike other chemicals that only repel them and cause them to spread while damaging your property.
Within contract period if you have complaint after a service; our technicians will make sure they attend it, without any extra fee.
Our extended Warranty will make sure you and your family is safe from termites beyond the contract period as well.
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We offer the best termite pest control services in India.
Best in class chemicals, approved by the Central Insecticides Board are used against target pests at recommended dosages.
Our pest control termite service is safe for children, pets, pregnant women and persons with allergy.
Local termite pest control service providers use cheap chemicals that only repel termites and cause them to spread further while damaging your property.
BANZAI uses non-repellent chemical that kills even the last termite present in the premises. Our technicians are verified, highly skilled and trained.