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The bird downside moon-faced by business workplace buildings, factories and warehouses has become some extent of concern for several. Bird faeces area unit acidic and area unit proverbial to transfer diseases and cause structural harm within the long-term. In a trial to curb this downside, cheer has stepped in to produce humane solutions.


Netting Solutions – to stop birds from moving into nooks and crannies to nest. Bird Spike System – upward pointed spikes stop birds from landing on platforms and ledges. Birdwire – tensioned stainless-steel wires accustomed stop birds from landing on barriers. Bird® Trak system – extremely discreet track system that conditions the birds to remain faraway from that specific space..


Based on the severity of the matter, BANZAI’s specialists can devise a program that utilises one or a mix of the various merchandise within the Bird service. These area unit specifically chosen and strategically accustomed deter the birds from your business advanced, workplace or warehouse.


With the employment of humane merchandise and technology, and keeping the aesthetics of the structure intact, cheer has designed Bird to be the simplest anti-bird answer within the market. Bird could be a distinctive one-stop answer for all bird connected issues.