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Manufacturing plants square measure a necessary a part of the economic sector and once overrun with pests it causes serious concern within the trade. Major problems round-faced by producing units square measure breakdowns resulting in loss in productivity, loss in operating hours, injury of product or stuff, etc. A dipteron menace will create life troublesome for workers and therefore the unfold of diseases like protozoal infection will seriously hinder productivity, as will the contamination of food and food product within the canteen.


With its intensive understanding of the economic atmosphere, cheer provides top quality Integrated pesterer Management (IPM) services that solve and forestall pesterer management problems. Having studied the trade closely, we've got equipped ourselves with numerous tools, technologies Associate in Nursingd an skilled team to manage pests within the extremely exigent environments of business premises.Our IPM relies on the ‘Pest Sensitivity Index™’ of the complete facility to pesterer . we tend to assess the varied risks expose by totally different pests and style a custom set up which will defend the machines and safeguard the sensitive environments of the premises.


Our team of pros, intensively trained to figure expeditiously, applies our solutions with the sort of accuracy and effectiveness you won’t realize with alternative pesterer management firms. cheer is your one-stop buy all pesterer management solutions, with a pan-India reach to make sure convenient access. All our solutions square measure utterly safe, guaranteeing that your pesterer issues are eradicated while not moving the health of your workers and customers.