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Offices area unit an ideal place for pests and infestations to grow, contaminating canteens ANd cafeterias resulting in an less-traveled work surroundings. Confined in shut quarters, it's simple for personnel to die infections and diseases through the air or surfaces like keyboards and table superior.


At BANZAI, we offer solutions to examine, manage so monitor your persecutor issues. Through our proprietary persecutor Sensitivity Index™ and in consultation with you a customised program is developed to supply a really Intelligent persecutor Management™ program employing a combination of those distinctive state of the art technologies. this can not solely stop your persecutor drawback, it'll produce a more robust work surroundings for workers welfare and additionally forestall future re-infestations.


The process begins with a meticulous review and assessment of the ability, distinguishing the risks exhibit by varied pests against the vulnerability of the ability to the pests. Thereafter, a particular set up is intended to cater to the necessity of the unit.The process concludes with knowledgeable implementation of preventive measures and solutions. Regular assessment ensures that the sanitation of the ability is upheld as per the high standards set by the corporate.


Also, with the increasing considerations regarding the indiscriminate, untargeted and uncontrolled application of chemical inside, we've got developed actually eco-friendly solutions to require care of indoor air quality.