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TThe terribly nature of the Food process and Handling trade demands inflexible standards in hygiene and safety. Even a minor pesterer infestation may end up in serious contamination, with potentialities of the unit being pack up. The adverse impact it will wear the complete, as has been seen in recent times with a number one a confectionary company, is another serious matter altogether. On the opposite hand, Associate in Nursing unreliable pesterer management partner will cause more damage with use of venturous chemicals and unverified ways, resulting in non-compliance of quality and safety rules. It then becomes basic for you to own a good and reliable pesterer management program.


We at Banzai perceive the rigorous demands of hygiene, safety and quality within the Food process and Handling trade. And to carter to those advanced demands, we provide tailored pesterer management solutions for the sensitive environments of assorted food process and handling facilities.We area unit absolutely equipped to partner with you to with success implement Integrated pesterer Management programme, with a special stress on adherence to food safety norms.


The process begins with a meticulous scrutiny and assessment of the power, distinguishing the risks posed by numerous pests against the vulnerability of the power to the pests. Thereafter, a selected set up is meant to cater to the necessity of the unit. The method concludes with professional implementation of preventive measures and solutions. Regular assessment ensures that the sanitation of the power is upheld as per the high standards set by the corporate..